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 Cape May County Zoo Society, a 501(c)3 NJ non-profit corporation, is the official Support Organization of the Cape May County Park & Zoo.
​Since 1986 the Society has continuously provided the private sector funding needed to develop new exhibits, improve facilities, purchase zoo equipment and make acquisitions to our animal collection. The Society makes significant contributions to conservation and endeavors to encourage our community's interest and enjoyment of the zoo.

​The Cape May County Zoo is accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Association (AZA). The Society is not an entity of County government.

The Accreditation Commission evaluates member zoos and aquariums every 5 years to ensure they meet AZA's standards for animal management and veterinary care, involvement in conservation, research, education programs, safety policies and procedures, security, physical facilities, guest services, as well as it's finances, governing authority and its Support Organization.

The Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program was established by the AZA to ensure the survival of particular species. The mission of an SSP Program is to cooperatively manage specific, and typically threatened or endangered species populations within AZA-accredited Zoos & Aquariums. The AZA manages research information to establish organized breeding programs and develop conservation strategies for captive and wild populations. This program also focuses on re-introduction of captive-bred wildlife to wild habitats when necessary and appropriate.​​

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