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Do's & Don'ts at the Zoo

  • For the health of our animals, no pets are permitted in the Zoo.
  • The Zoo is smoke-free for the health and happiness of all our animals and guests.
  • Please do not throw objects, tap or bang on exhibit glass or cages.
  • No food is permitted inside the Zoo.
  • There are many beautiful things growing throughout our historic, 85-acre Zoo. Help us keep them alive for all to enjoy by not climbing the trees, picking flowers or disturbing the landscape.
  • If someone is acting inappropriately or dangerously, they may be escorted from the Zoo. If you see someone acting in this manner, please contact a Zoo staff member.
  • Please respect the security walls and fences throughout the Zoo, as they are for the safety and protection of both our guests and our animals.
  • Please keep in mind: you may not see every animal listed when you visit the Zoo, and their locations are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the Zoo accept an animal I can no longer care for?

Every year, Cape May County Zoo receives many inquiries from people who would like to donate wild animals or exotic pets.  However, the zoo is not able to accept them.  If you have an animal in need of a new home, try the following: Contact local and regional rescue organizations that specialize in caring for unwanted pets, such as the ASPCA ( Plans for a pet should always include care for its entire lifespan. Remember that exotic animals almost never make good pets. Regretfully, the Cape May County Zoo cannot take in additional animals.


Are groups visiting by bus/passenger vans required to pay a fee and make reservations?


Yes, buses and passenger vans will need to make a reservation and pay a fee. For more information please call the Cape May County Park Office at 609-465-5271


Can the picnic shelters and gazebo be rented out?

Yes. For more information please call the Cape May County Park Office at 609-465-5271.


Are you allow to pet the animals?


No, there is not a petting zoo in Cape May County Zoo. However, our Barnyard Exhibit does feature  goats, pigs, chickens, and cow. These animals are housed in enclosures that allow you to see, hear and smell them up close, and some allow you to reach through and touch the animals if they choose to remain near the fence. There is feed that can be purchased near the exhibit.

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