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Snow Leopard Maternity Den & Habitat

Construction has begun!

CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE -As the snow leopards of the Cape May County Zoo enjoy their final few months at their current home, work is well underway at their future home across the park.

"So what we have here is a 700 square foot holding building that can hold a family of snow leopards."

Executive Director of the Cape May County Zoo Society, Bill MacQueen, says the zoo's snow leopard breeding program is one of the country's most successful, and this facility will further promote the health of future snow leopard cubs.

"One of the features inside is a nesting box or maternity den which is built into one of the holding areas so the staff has access from one side and the mother cat from the other," said MacQueen.

The $600,000 pre-cast concrete project is funded entirely by donations, and the first major construction project at the zoo in 25 years.

"It will be virtually maintenance free because the facilities are washed down constantly, so over the years, it kind of eats away, but this being a high pressure project, it can last for 100 years here at the zoo."

And while the health of the cats is the priority, nearly invisible steel mesh fencing and a special glass viewing area will give visitors new views of the popular animals.

"You'll be able to have an up close kind of nose-to-nose view of the cats," said MacQueen.

This snow leopard habitat is just one of several planned projects in the facility as the Cape May County Zoo prepares to seek re-accreditation in 2017.

"So the fundraising campaign we're doing, we hope to raise another 500 thousand between now in then."

And after seeing the response these snow leopards received, zoo officials are optimistic about future planned improvements.

"Really, the response from our supporters, our zoo friends, has been overwhelming, so hopefully we can keep it going," said MacQueen.

The snow leopard habitat is schedule to be completed in the spring of 2015. Also, as part of the new "big cat walk" around the snow leopard exhibit, the zoo is offering the purchase and personalization of paver stones.

If you are interested in purchasing a stone or making a donation, click here.

Rare Snow Leopard Cubs Born. Again.

The most successful snow leopard breeding program in the country is right here at the Cape May County Zoo. On Saturday, April 20, 2013 Snow Leopard mother Himani gave birth to 2 cubs a female and male. This is her 4th consecutive litter. She has given birth to 7 cubs in 4 years, making her and father Vijay one of most prolific Snow Leopard pair in North America.

Our Big Cats/Snow Leopard Project                                 
Your gift will help us realize the goal of a new maternity den and habitat that will provide a safe, stimulating and natural environment for the breeding of these beautiful endangered cats. So far we’ve raise over $125,000 towards our first phase target of $250,000.

We are in the design stage for a proposed 2,000 sq.ft. snow leopard habitat. The habitat will include a water feature, elevated land forms, cooling elements and 500 sq ft masonry den and holding building. The enclosure will be stainless steel mesh and the visitor area will have a glass wall for nose-to-nose viewing.

Our Pride is growing.
We are all proud of mother Himani - and dad Vijay, for their successful litters of cubs born in our AZA-accredited zoo. We are proud of our Park Zoo Family. The staff’s dedication to the Species Survival Plan (SSP) breeding project and conscientious care of these extraordinary cats has put our zoo in the forefront of snow leopard survival.

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